About us

While many of our business and industrial products are “tried and true” solutions to everyday needs, we are always looking for new and innovative items to support customer operations. Working closely with our many supplier partners, we anticipate needs and suggest novel approaches to improve productivity and bottom lines.

At Mancon, we use our buying power to secure volume discounts on trusted brands of business supplies, office furniture, packaging supplies, janitorial supplies and promotional items. Then we pass these savings on to our customers. Our efficiency in procurement, warehousing, sales and delivery allows our customers to receive “the best for less”. Our product line is designed to meet the growing needs of our customers in office management and administration, facility upkeep and cleanliness, warehousing and packaging. And we offer a wide range of promotional items to keep brands in front of customers and prospects.

We know we must be resourceful to earn your business and your trust. That’s exactly why Mancon maintains an inside and outside sales force. Our sales teams learn your business so they can be a partner in your growth and success.

Please visit our corporate website for more information on the products and services Mancon provides.

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